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    11 February 2022
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Decospan provides wood solutions for interior construction. We have a wide range of brands, and for more complex projects, we work together with you to find tailor-made solutions. But we also look to the future, spotting upcoming trends and constantly focusing on innovation. That way, we already have a solution for tomorrow's demand.

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hotel lobby - infinite wood - vela oak - infinite wood vela oak - wall panel - wooden wall panel

This has been the driving force behind introducing a completely new category to our range today, alongside natural wood veneers: Infinite Wood. For this unique product, we are collaborating with Alpi, a global player in reconstituted veneer. We are combining their creativity with our craftsmanship and innovation.

Infinite Wood is veneer that transcends the inherent limitations of wood. All references are FSC® (FSC-C095327)-certified, bring unprecedented perfection in pattern and colour, and can be scaled infinitely for very large projects. 

Wood is a very ecological product, which contributes to a cleaner environment, even during production. Wooden interior elements are detachable and recyclable, which also makes wood interesting within the context of circular construction. Moreover, we manufacture our products in an environmentally friendly way. The result is a very sustainable product.

But there is more. The use of wood in interiors also has a positive impact on the well-being of the user. Biophilia, a recent theory, claims that we become happier when we have more contact with nature. By integrating natural elements into the interior, we strengthen the connection with nature. Not only do plants, daylight or a view of greenery play a role here, wood also brings nature indoors.

This positive impact on health applies to any environment: workplaces, homes, hotels, shops, etc. Recent research shows that office workers who work in an environment with many wooden surfaces are not only less likely to suffer from burnout, they are also more productive. The Well certificate, which is intended for buildings or interiors that have a positive influence on the health of their users, can also be used to determine how well an interior scores in this respect. It takes into account the presence of greenery, for example, but also the materials and textures used.

Wondering how you can add our reconstituted veneer to your project? Find out all about it!

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hotel lobby - infinite wood - vela oak - infinite wood vela oak - wall panel - wooden wall panel
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