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    07 September 2021
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Lacquering is crucial for giving the wood its desired finish, personality, and appearance. And these differ from project to project. The Vergote paint and lacquer shop is a specialist in paintwork, colour, and varnish work. Everything is tailor-made.

“There's an essential difference between lacquer and oils”, says Ingeborg Muylle. “Lacquering is done with a water-based solvent whereas oils act upon the tannins of the veneer…”

“The process we take with an architect varies from project to project. Like any relationship, ours with an architect or client begins with getting to know each other. We ask each other questions and try to get to know and feel out who we are. Usually, we go on site to look at plans and materials. This is how I get a sense of what colours, textures, types of veneer best suit the customer’s needs.”

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laquer shop - lakkerij vergote atelier - lakkerije vergote

“Sometimes we get extra help. Architects then show us interior elements, such as, a piece of carpet, wallpaper, a lamp, or sometimes even a piece of stone, Beach: Sun, sea and beach as interior inspiration. And we will then offer options and ideas based on that knowledge.”

How long does such a process typically take?
“That really varies from customer to customer”, says Ingeborg. “First and foremost, there is no such thing as "typical" in our profession. Everything is tailor-made and that’s literally for every job we do. Sometimes, we work intensively with a customer for three months, other times for six months or even a year and a half.”

“And when it comes to the type of veneer work, I really can’t put a name to a common denominator. By its very nature, wood is such a rewarding and versatile product. There are so many possibilities with veneer: from high gloss to polished, variations in brushing and appearance, shades and colours… The possibilities are really endless.”

“Wood is a living material, so every batch of veneer is different. Feeling is as important as technique. No machines are used, all finishing is done by hand, and everything is done with the greatest respect for the material. you have to respect organic materials created by nature, such as, wood.”

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samples decospan - inspiration architects floor
slats - slats production - slats interior

It turns out there is room for creative experimentation even within that respectful framework.
Ingeborg Muylle: “We always try to push the boundaries and bring something new to the table. Brushing and sandblasting bring out the grain and the play of colours in the wood. But there are other special techniques. Larch is a good example, which is treated with wood powder. But the craziest thing we ever did was bleach veneer ourselves. How? Well, just with bleach…”

“We’re equally proud of every job, but we don’t just walk off taking credit. That goes entirely to the client and the architect.”

When choosing these exclusive wood finishes, you can obtain advice from one of our Project assistance together with Lakkerij Vergote. Decospan also offers highly finished veneered panels for your next interior project.

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laquer - lacquer slats
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