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modern kitchen - modern look kitchen
A true holiday home, this Spanish villa is the stuff of dreams. The kitchen is finished with walnut panels that give the interior a natural and cosy vibe. That literally brings nature indoors, creating a space thats effortlessly relaxing.

This gorgeous holiday home in Alicante is called Villa Neptune. Located in the hills, its a refuge that offers a dazzling view of the Mediterranean Sea. Be Bold Interiors also made every effort to keep the interior especially light and open. Villa Neptune is all about nature and peaceful living.

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Shinnoki Frozen Walnut panels showcase beautifully in the kitchen. Their warm colour contrasts wonderfully with the luminous neutrals of the interior. And that just enhances the overall ambience. The interior designers did a flawless job of implementing their concept, connecting the space with nature, and infusing it with a feeling of luxury. Everyone adores spending time in the kitchen, even though that swimming pool on the terrace is pretty irresistible...

This project’s panels were sliced with the Quarter Regular Cut, which involves cutting the wood at right angles to the tree rings. The effect is a clean grain with straight lines that looks calm.

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modern kitchen - modern look kitchen

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