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    30 November 2021
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Autumn is far and away the cosiest time of year. As the mercury drops outside and the dark nights draw in, we respond by creating a cosy and warm nest indoors. And where better to sit than around an open fire? Whatever your style, a fireplace will create atmosphere in any setting, from retro or classic to minimalist and modern. Creating a beautifully finished fireplace wall will set off your fireplace to maximum effect and make it feel part of your home.

As well as being a natural source of heat, the fireplace has also become a place for people to gather and socialise. The flames of an open fire are endlessly fascinating, providing light and atmosphere when it's cold and dark outside. In other words, the perfect place to relax and unwind or to enjoy each other's company. No wonder that an open fire is consistently high on the wish list for new builds and renovations.

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Even if the traditional chimney and mantelpiece are less common these days, there are countless options when it comes to style and finish, especially if you choose a gas fire. You can even add one of these in your office to create a homely atmosphere and a striking effect – this will definitely steal the show. Thankfully, a flat fireplace wall can be just as effective as a traditional chimney breast. This involves setting the hearth into the wall itself, but you can still create a stylish showpiece with high-quality customisation and unusual natural materials. You can even discreetly incorporate cabinets and a TV screen into the fireplace wall for a streamlined look. 

Obviously, this is the ideal opportunity for interior designers to turn the fireplace wall into something special – a veneer wall, for example, can create a really atmospheric overall effect. Dark wood types like smoked oak or louro preto make the black surround of the TV and the fireplace visually disappear into the wall – when they are turned off, of course. And when a fire is burning in the hearth, the effect is of a piece of light art framed by the dark background.

This dark trend is a frequent choice in chic hotels, which are always a good source of inspiration for interior design trends. Dark wood tones are also perfect choice in classic interiors, where they are frequently paired with black – and you can even go for a completely black wall with a wood type like yaya nero

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Dark wood might therefore seem like the obvious choice for around a fireplace because it creates additional warmth, but a lighter wood tone can also be a good choice – it all depends on the owners' preferences. Pairing pale wood with white interior design elements creates a completely different and lighter in effect that looks more Scandinavian. Particularly if you use large, striking surfaces so that the light wood has real presence.

Whatever style you choose, wood looks beautiful when combined with a fireplace – after all, they traditionally go hand in hand. Wood also evokes nature and fresh air; something that we tend to spend less time in during the colder months of the year. A cosy seating area with a flickering open fire then becomes the place to be during those long, dark evenings.

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