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    10 August 2022
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Summer is in full swing! How we can enjoy outdoor cafes and the lovely swimming weather. Are you planning a trip? Whether it's a trip to Greece or Rome, or a vacation in your own garden, one thing is certain: a refreshing aperitif is a must. Put on those sunglasses and don't forget to put on the sunscreen...

Are you more of a beer lover who spends the summers at festivals or do you prefer a glass of red wine in your favourite wine bar? A nice fresh cocktail or gin tonic by the sea or pool may also fire your imagination! Get the snack tray ready! 

Did you know that Decospan has 3 fantastic flooring brands in its range. Based on your favorite drink, learn about your ideal floor. Santé!

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Been drinking Belgian beers through the years? From a fresh lager to a Duvel, no flavour leaves you untouched? In that case our Parky floor of Belgian origin is the perfect choice for you!

Parky is a veneer parquet that combines the warmth and unique design of real wood with the benefits of laminate. Parky is indeed equally very easy to install and maintain. Suitable for any living room or bedroom!
Not only the perfect floor for your mancave, also for your children to play on all summer long.

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Are you more into the French atmosphere and a glass of wine? No matter if the bottle comes from Bordeaux or Bourgogne, put that glass to your lips! Do you also want to bring the setting of the French wine regions into your home? We can help!

Choose our Cabbani floors in your interior: this high-quality multilayer parquet floor based on European oak and contemporary architecture creates a unique beauty in any interior. Compose your dream floor yourself with our 'à la carte system': choose your favourite colour, pattern, format, style and thickness to ensure the floor fully meets your needs. With our production in France, we guarantee quality with respect for nature.

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herringbone floor - herringbone flooring - veneer herringbone floor - veneer - cabbani - parquet - herringbone parquet

Finally, even our cocktail or gin drinkers will not be left out in the cold! Good thing, too, because these trendy drinks deserve a trendy floor. Our 12 parquet floors from The Twelve range will definitely delight you.

Thanks to The Twelve, choosing parquet is a breeze! Beautiful, trendy parquet designs with planks that are sourced from 100% European sustainable forests and have an easy-to-maintain 3 mm top layer. Moreover, the collection is extremely suitable for floor heating. If you also have a great love of wood, choose your hero among the Twelve for your living room or bedroom.

Be inspired by The Twelve

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