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    28 December 2022
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different woods - wood species

Welcome to our ultimate hit list of the most popular (wood) boards chosen by our customers over the past year. Which wood species do Decospan customers prefer for their interior projects? Are there any newcomers? Sober or colorful? Local or rather exotic?

Discover here the 10 best-selling wood species of the past year:

The beech in it! We start this top 10 popular woods with white beech

White beech is a real passé. Due to its neutral hue, this type of wood fits a variety of interior styles and color schemes. Beech provides a fresh and modern look and is a popular choice for those looking for a contemporary interior.

Moreover, it is a durable, sturdy and easy to maintain wood species. Ideal for building seating furniture and cabinets, for example.

white beech

white beech

At the ninth spot we find our core smoked oak. Smoked oak does particularly well because of its unique and attractive appearance that other woods do not have. Indeed, smoking gives the wood a deep, dark color and a specific, rustic pattern that makes it visually interesting. This gives you a warm and rustic feeling, which works well in a country or traditional interior. It can also contrast with modern or industrial elements in a room.

oak heavily smoked

smoked oak

Another oak at number 8: Oak Vintage. If you want to give an interior a distinct and lived-in look, then you have come to the right place with our number 8.

To achieve this look, we use real old oak beams with a rich past and warm appearance that have been used for many decades in various constructions. The pronounced features and open joints are inherent in this product. This oak lends itself perfectly to different surface treatments, allowing you to create a "weathered" look and feel. Ideal for renovations of old properties or to create a vintage look.

oak vintage

vintage oak

The second member of the beech family is steamed beech. Steamed beech is a type of wood treated with steam to change the color and make the wood more flexible. The process of steaming beech is relatively environmentally friendly, as it uses no chemicals or glue. This treatment allows you to change the color of the wood from a lighter to a darker shade. Because the wood bends very well, it is one of the most suitable woods for such things as curved work, edges and handrails.

beech steamed

beech steamed

Composite veneer like Decospan's infinite wood is a process in which the colors and patterns of the wood veneer are always consistent. In large projects, a uniform appearance of the materials used is appropriate and this solution offers perfect control over the appearance. So it's ideal for hospitality, retail and other projects that need scale.

compound oak


Halfway down the list, the birch. Birch is a durable, sturdy wood that you can use in many applications ranging from furniture to parquet. Birch has an attractive, light yellow to beige color with white grain clearly visible on the surface, perfect for a contemporary interior.


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Like smoked oak and old oak, oak with knots boasts a number of aesthetic and durable strengths. The knots in the wood give it a rustic, natural look that many find appealing. Often used in a country or traditional interior, it can also work well in a modern or industrial space.

oak knotty

buttoned oak

The bronze medal goes to white ash, also known as white poplar, is a species of wood native to North America. It has a lighter color than other ash species, with a pale white to light beige or pale yellow appearance. A fine, uniform markings and smooth texture, makes it visually appealing.

Ash is known for its toughness, which is why it is often used to make furniture, such as cabinets, tables and chairs.

ash white

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The second most popular type of wood is walnut. Walnut is a hardwood extracted from the nut trees of several species, including the American walnut (Juglans) and the European walnut (Corylus).

You recognize walnut by its distinct, warm color with an attractive, grained texture. In a modern interior, it adds a warm natural atmosphere or can give a room an elegant and luxurious look. In matte or natural finish, walnut comes into its own in a more classic interior Actually, walnut can be combined with a wide range of styles and interiors, depending on how the wood is treated and used. Therefore, for many, it is the rightful first choice!

walnut american

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And the winner is...Oak!

The most popular wood species is and remains oak.

No wonder, its unique texture and attractive color is in our DNA, so to speak. When you think of wood, oak is often top of mind. And with good reason: it is also durable, sturdy and versatile wood species. What's more, oak is easy to treat and maintain.

Natural, smoked, stained, lacquered, oiled or painted, oak fits into almost any interior.

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