Decospan helps you keep your resolutions

At the turn of the year, many good health and sporting resolutions are made. Unfortunately, many of those good intentions don't make it through January. But if you who work at Decospan, you can count on exceptional support. Because Decospan launches so many healthy initiatives that you're immersed in a healthy, sporty atmosphere every day. Mieke Booy, Sales Export Manager at Decospan and a runner in heart and soul, is passionate about helping build a healthy company. “Even our sales department is making the switch. I sometimes go running with customers to discuss matters. As a healthy alternative to a traditional business dinner.”

Being drawn into the sports vibe

Mieke has been working at Decospan for almost 5 years. Until recently, her job would often take her to the other side of the globe. However, the pandemic has increasingly kept her within company walls in the past two years. “Sports, workshops and healthy food are everyday ingredients around here, and that was quite a revelation. On a business trip, sports and a structured, regular lifestyle are not the obvious choice. Now I can go to the Decospan gym free of charge in the afternoon or evening. It’s exceptional that this is possible. It’s also a social event. There are Decospan Whatsapps and Strava groups which constantly encourage you to take part in one of the many initiatives. Working on a healthy lifestyle is really a big, tangible part of being here.”

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An unprecedented range of activities

Decospan also has an exceptionally broad view on health at work. The range of activities and initiatives is as varied as it is extensive. Workshops on sports nutrition or healthy casseroles, relaxation therapy, pole-dancing initiation, free access to padel courts, a private gym with late-night access and a personal trainer, organised afternoon walks, a container cup, a Decospan triathlon with guided training sessions and after-work drinks with tapas. (There should also be room for enjoyment.) Mieke: “Decospan has so much to offer so everyone can join in at some point, in some way, and ride on the wave of positivity with us. Sometimes it may all begin with an eye opener, like Leadlife. And that’s the start of it. It has also made me eat more consciously and respect my sleep better. Above all, it has helped me to combine my travels with a healthy lifestyle.”

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Food, Move, Mood & Fun

Meanwhile, Mieke has become part of Decofit, the organising team behind the many activities. “Our internal well-being policy is based on 4 pillars,” says Mieke. “We call it Food, Move, Mood and Fun. Every employee gets maximum support to make this happen, and it’s really in the little things. Just think of fruit at work, the possibility to work standing up and a very proactive attitude towards stress and burnout. The ultimate goal is to create a company that is brimming with energy.”

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Be the best you

Decospan’s intensive focus on its employees is no coincidence. According to CEO Pieterjan Desmet, this approach stems from Decospan’s corporate values of entrepreneurship, excellence and respect. “At Decospan, you are actively challenged to take charge of your life and become the best version of yourself,” says Mieke. “Our values are not empty words but are actually pursued. Because you also get to know your colleagues in a different way, you get more and more respect and appreciation for each other. You meet the person behind each employee. And this creates a bond which transcends collegiality. Our solidarity is really the driving force behind Decospan.”

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