The four most important interior trends for 2022-2023

Would you like to get up to date with the interior trends for the next few years? Read here what you can expect and find inspiration for your interior design and layout.

Hilde Francq from Francq Colors is a trend-watcher and closely follows trends in interiors for colours and materials. She inspired us at The Hub with her vision on the reflection of social trends in interiors. She groups these around three major themes: ‘rewild’, ‘reveal’, ‘reward’ and ‘remind’.

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“Rewild: back to nature”

Rewild: back to nature

Nature is back, but it never really went away. In recent years, large numbers of people have also discovered how much pleasure there is to be gained from a walk or cycle in nature. We long for the fresh air and having lots of greenery around us.

You will also see that reflected in interiors. Synthetic materials are making way for natural elements at home. It’s no wonder that wood veneer is so good for floors and interior finishes. It brings nature into the home. By applying a treatment to the structure of the veneer surface you can also give veneer an aged appearance or a more rustic and natural look. This is really fashionable at the moment.

Reveal: bold colours

In parallel to the huge trend for nature, we are also seeing the advance of digitalisation. This digital world is increasingly going hand in hand with physical reality. It offers fantastic opportunities for interior decorators and designers to creatively go to town and visualise their ideas as if they were tangible, such as in augmented reality.

The aesthetic of the virtual world enters the interior through unusual or shiny materials, distinctive textures or surreal effects. Anyone who wants to anticipate this interior trend can choose, for instance, a veneer in a bold colour. Some red varieties of wood have an unusual orange pattern. This lets you really make a statement – check out the ‘Suits’ interior at Metis Advocaten in Antwerp! Lilac is also in vogue at the moment. Pantone recently declared ‘Very Peri’ to be its colour of year for 2022 but before that, at Decospan we had already chosen lilac as the colour for our new parquet brand, The Twelve.

Reward: moving towards greater sustainability together

Everyone is gradually realising that we have to work together towards a sustainable world. Architects and shopfitters not only work with the obligations imposed on them by the government but also a general public that is consciously searching for a sustainable home.

Wood veneer is the perfect response to this demand for sustainability. After all, wood is an outstanding example of a sustainable, carbon-friendly, natural product. Veneer gets the most out of every trunk. At Decospan, we also focus on wood from sustainably managed forests.

Remind: relaxing at home

Health is essential and in recent years it has become more important than ever. In addition to physical health, fortunately we are also giving more attention to mental health. The general message is to take care of yourself and keep a balance between busy activities and mental rest.

What better place is there to relax than your home? A prerequisite for this is that your interior must have a restful effect. Everyone naturally has different tastes, but you can’t go wrong with natural elements and a pleasantly decorated room. Interior decorators can also play an important role by creating a harmonious interior in which the people living in the home feel good.

If you need more inspiration, visit The Hub Antwerpen.

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