• date
    18 October 2021
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    Why wood
Filip Dujardin
Filip Dujardin melds photography and architecture into pure art in his striking work. Let him loose on wood veneer and the result is unsurprisingly just as unique.

Eight years ago photographer Filip Dujardin broke through internationally with a series of digital montages - photographs of existing buildings that he transformed into surreal fictive structures. One day in the Decospan factory a similar inspiration came to him. “I wanted to get away from the classical image of wood,” he explains. “Other magazines take care of that. My idea was to play with the abstract drawing of veneer.” 

“Veneer is usually used in architecture, and I wanted to emphasise this connotation in this picture-sculpture. So I play off wood against marble, concrete and hollow brick. If you place it alongside rougher materials of this kind, an exclusive material like veneer comes into its own.”

picture alternative text

“This image reflects the essence of wood. From the knots where there used to be branches, new branches are growing. It’s a poetical reference to wood as natural product, a link back to the tree’s essential being.”

wooden floor animation

“During my visit to the company, I saw several pallets with different sorts of veneer and fibre boards. Sometimes they were packaged, sometimes not, and they had their very characteristic lining and graphics. They related something of the production process in an abstract way. I wanted to reflect that by means of this stacked structure.” Filip Dujardin

veneer blocks - veneer